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Product overview

The platform empowers everyone with the technology and enables them to be a part of #India's_Digital_Revolution, earn a sustainable income, and enjoy financial security and flexibility. Whether you're a student, an employee, a homemaker, a business owner, a content creator, etc.., who is trying to make a change in the digital world, the Grouppal Affiliator program is for you.

Affiliate Features

  • Instant Invite Code
  • Acquire your invite code instantly through a hassle-free and easy registration process.

  • Unlimited Sharing
  • Share the invite code with an unlimited number of people.

  • Earnings from Business
  • Earn up to 20% from every Business subscription in Grouppal.

  • Recommend & Earn
  • Recommend your favorite businesses and earn from every sale influenced by you.

  • Immediate Wallet Credits
  • Earnings are instantly credited to the Grouppal Wallet, available for various uses.

  • Verified Tick
  • Attain credibility and authenticity with the Verified tick.

  • QR Visiting Card
  • Share your identity easily, online or offline, with the QR Visiting Card.

  • Earnings Report
  • Keep track of all your earnings with detailed reports.

  • Research Products
  • Increase your earning potential by influencing the High Net Income Products of Grouppal.

Affiliate Commissions Pro Affiliator Basic Affiliator
Grouppal Business
Basic Business Subscription - Monthly 20% (Recurring) 5% (One Time)
Premium Business Subscription - Monthly 20% (Recurring) 5% (One Time)
Basic Business Subscription - Yearly 20% (Recurring) 5% (One Time)
Premium Business Subscription - Yearly 20% (Recurring) 5% (One Time)
Grouppal Jobs
Revenue from Subscriptions 20% 5%
Revenue from Job Postings 20% 5%
Revenue from Consultancy 20% 5%
Revenue from Contract Employment 20% 5%

These earnings will be credited immediately to the affiliators Grouppal Wallet which can be transferred to their bank accounts, used to make purchases, and can also be sent as gifts to friends within the Grouppal App. View terms of use

Note: The mentioned revenue rates are subject to change from time to time.

  • Event Support
  • Receive event support for efficient influencing from top and experienced influencers of Grouppal.


Affiliate Product Goodies

Invite Valuable Patners

Identify and invite valuable businesses to join the platform, explaining the benefits of choosing Grouppal as their business solution.

Understand Each campaign

Get indepth knowledge about campaign objectives and target audience which leads to effective affiliator marketing.

Recommend & Earn

Promote your favorite businesses and products within your circle of followers and earn based on the success of your affiliation.

Why choose Grouppal for Your Affiliates?

Choosing Grouppal can elevate your user journey, providing you with a platform that values and rewards your affiliates effectively

Exciting Discounts

A platform that provides users with access to all nearby services and products, along with guaranteed discounts on every purchase.

Affiliate Benefits

  • • Revenue through Influencing
  • • Referring Grouppal to (friends, family and networks)
  • • Recommend & Earn (Recommending products and services from businesses)

All Business For All

Top Affiliators

Manimaran Vilvam

₹ 9,04,784.71 Earned

Subash Kulanthaivel

₹ 8,84,726.37 Earned


₹ 8,30,312.07 Earned

Indrani M

₹ 7,05,270.14 Earned


₹ 6,97,562.65 Earned

Nagarajan R

₹ 5,81,514.24 Earned

C K Jaimanivannan

₹ 5,52,754.64 Earned

Raja Vajjiram

₹ 5,49,887.03 Earned

Anandaraj Ponnusamy

₹ 4,75,863.64 Earned

Srinivasan Nagaiyya

₹ 4,40,664.98 Earned