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Product overview

Grouppal is a powerful business application that supports business in acquiring and retaining customers more effectively while also generating revenue from all types of businesses through the Grouppal Affiliator Program (GAP). You can optimize your business process, improve your sales, and transform your mobile device into a powerful business tool.

Business Features

  • Add Customer
  • Easily keep track of non-app users by adding their data to the Grouppal Business App.

  • Boosted Credibility
  • Gain authenticity with the Grouppal Premium Business Badge.

  • PAN India Exposure
  • Expand your business visibility to a nationwide audience

  • Priority Search Presence
  • Boost your brand's visibility when customers search for related products.

  • Postpaid Sales
  • Accelerate sales through Affiliators, paying them only for successful sales.

  • Chat & Call
  • Seamlessly connect and communicate with your customers.

  • Data Analytics
  • Understand your business better with detailed data analytics, including customer visit frequency, product interests, and location insights.

  • Infinite Data Storage
  • No limits on the amount of customer data stored in the Grouppal Business App.

  • Monthly Wealth Report
  • Keep track of all your earnings and turnover in one convenient report and keep your business’s finance at your fingertips.

  • Reminders
  • Never forget orders and payments from your loyal customers with convenient in app reminders.

  • Smart QR Code
  • A unified QR that allows your customers to Pay, Rate, and know about your Business.

  • Payments
  • Easy payments through multiple modes and transparent payment gateway charges.

  • Support
  • Enjoy Personalized and priority support with dedicated account managers.

  • Free GAP
  • Get a head start with our Pro Grouppal Affiliator Account worth Rs. 25,000. Earn from all businesses and join a thriving community.

Grouppal Business

Product Goodies

Ratings and Reviews

Get positive reviews by consistently delivering quality products or services, addressing concerns promptly, and ensuring a positive overall experience.

Specialized Care and Discount

Personalized interactions, attention to detail, and going the extra mile to make customers feel valued and appreciated by providing them with Special discounts

Grouppal Affiliator Program

Grouppal Affiliate Program gives businesses access to a powerful business network platform and unlocks a new revenue stream.

Why choose Grouppal for Your Business?

We understand the unique challenges faced by local entrepreneurs in competing with global giants.

Digital Landscape

To bridge the gap between traditional local businesses and the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Global success

our platform provides the tools, resources, and exposure necessary to make local businesses visible, and successful on a global scale.


With Grouppal's integrated affiliate program, you not only gain access to a dynamic business networking platform but also unlock new revenue streams for your enterprise. Start earning today by inviting your customers to join Grouppal and subscribe to other Grouppal services like Grouppal Jobs, Grouppal Franchise, and Grouppal Business. When your customers engage with these products, you earn revenue, making it truly #all_business_for_all.

All Business For All