One-time investment for a lifetime settlement

GroupPal digital franchise is a business model that allows individuals to own a specific Pin Code area within India and generate revenue through transactions made on the digital platform provided by GroupPal in that particular Pincode. We operate through the FICO model means that the franchisee invests in the business and the company operates it.


A Smart Investment for greater rewards

Proven business model

The GroupPal digital franchise model has been successfully implemented in various locations, and it has been shown to be effective in generating revenue and growing businesses.

Expert assistance

GroupPal provides franchisees with expert assistance in setting up and running their businesses. This includes training on how to use the technology, marketing support, and ongoing advice and support from experienced professionals.

High-profit margins

The GroupPal digital franchise model offers high profit margins, allowing franchisees to earn a substantial income from all businesses with which their customers transact. This is due to the revenue-sharing model that allows franchisees to earn a portion of the transactions that take place within the allocated area.

Lifetime ownership

Franchisees have lifetime ownership of their businesses, meaning that they can continue to operate and grow their businesses for as long as they wish. This provides a sense of stability and security for franchisees.

No renewal cost

Unlike some traditional franchise models, the GroupPal digital franchise model does not require franchisees to pay renewal fees to continue to enjoy the benefits. This means that franchisees need not worry about additional costs associated with renewing their franchise agreements.


We place a huge value on strong relationships and have seen the benefit they bring to us. Customer feedback plays a vital role in helping us to get things right.

I have taken multiple franchises with GroupPal. They stand to their word, and I've got unimaginable returns from my franchises.


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Digital franchise model, truly a new-age concept with amazing returns. Really worth the buy.

Priya Bala-Dharmapuri

No.of.pincodes: 15

I took very few franchises with GroupPal initially. Now seeing the returns I have purchased multiple franchises across India.

Srinivasa nagaiya-Chennai

No.of.pincodes: 13

GroupPal digital franchise model is really a proven model since I've already started to reap benefits out of my franchises. Proud to be a Grouppalian.


No.of.pincodes: 10

GroupPal franchise has really given me financial stability and streamlined my monthly expense. Thanks to the Grouppal team.


No.of.pincodes: 07

Initially, I had a few doubts about this digital franchise model but now I'm seeing the actual returns from my franchise which makes me feel surprised! surprised!


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